Host Home is a placement option that is similar to “Adult Foster Care”. The Host Home Provider (HHP) must own or lease/rent the residence. HHPs are Independent Contractors and are not employees of Foothills Gateway.

Foothills Gateway currently has several host homes in Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, and Wellington. Some of the host homes have one individual and others have two. Each individual must have their own bedroom.


Individual host home placements are arranged by carefully matching the individual’s needs and preferences with a HHP who has common interests. Depending on the needs of the individual and the HHP, some homes are family oriented; some allow for more independent living; some involve a lot of caregiving; and others resemble “roommate” type of relationships. We have experience with successfully placing individuals in host homes when placements in a variety of other settings haven’t worked, due to physical, medical and/or behavioral needs.

We have many long term relationships with HHPs and have also experienced long term placements for the individuals in our program.

  • Provide the individual with supervision, support, and assistance that encourages maximum independence and quality of life;
  • Maintain the individual’s health and safety by addressing medical needs, emergencies, or illness in a timely manner;
  • Participate as an active member of the individual’s Interdisciplinary Team (IDT);
  • Provide a safe and clean home for the individual;
  • Make sure the individual’s rights are honored;
  • Provide access to activities (movies, planning/making dinner, going out to eat, shopping, team sports, etc.). This includes providing transportation to these activities and functions;
  • Support the individual with money management, personal purchases, and documenting expenditures;
  • Complete required agency trainings and certifications and remain up to date on these trainings;
  • Complete medication and program related documentation; and,
  • Adhere to the person’s Service Plan.
  • Complete a Host Home application and submit per instructions on packet;
  • Your application packet with be reviewed and a representative will contact you with any questions and to schedule a time to meet with you (“meet and greet”);
  • A “meet and greet” appointment will include a tour of your home, time to get to know each other and to share information about our program. We will also ask some questions in an effort to have as much information as we can to support a good match for a long term placement;
  • Provide documentation of any training that has been completed;
  • Please note that placement matches are not always available right away. At other times they are needed quickly, or we may have more than one placement need at a time; and,
  • If we do not have an immediate or pending placement that is a good match for you at the time, we will maintain your application in our active HHP application file and contact you with potential matches for your home.

Interested in pursuing the opportunity to be a Host Home Provider?

Click here for the Host Home Provider Application.